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Jobs >> Articles >> Employment Career Feature >> Effective Resume Mailing
  • Employment Career Feature

Effective Resume Mailing

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Getting a job is much easier when you have a good resume – but even having a good resume doesn't guarantee you a good job. Having a good resume is only beneficial when you can get it into the hands of someone who can read it and give you the job you've been waiting for. Therefore, it is important to have a good plan when it comes to effective resume mailing.

Effective Resume Mailing
Through mass or targeted mailing, you will be more likely to get a job.
Resume mailing is the best way to get your resume out there, but it is important to understand what it is first. Resume mailing is just what it sounds like – sending out many resumes to many different businesses and employers in order to get the best job you possibly can. There are several ways that you can do this. The first is a mass mailing, and the second is a targeted mailing. Both of these mailings will make sure that your resume is seen by many people. The difference is in how they are done.

Before you do either a mass mailing or a targeted mailing, it is important to make sure that you have a resume which is geared toward as many different things as possible. Remember that your resume should be error-free and factually correct. Make sure that all of your information checks out and that there are no typos. Then, make sure that you have proof read your resume as well. When you know that you have a clean copy, you can begin to gather addresses in order to do a mailing of your resume.

The first way to do a resume mailing is to do a mass mailing. This is a mailing in which you simply send your resume to all of the places where you would like to work. Therefore, if you are applying for jobs in the medical field, send the resume to all of the places where you could possibly be qualified to work. If you are looking for a job in the hospitality industry, you should send the resume to as many different hotels and other hospitality places that you can. With a mass mailing, you really aren't looking for places that are currently seeking workers, which might mean that you get plenty of rejections. However, it also might mean that your resume will be so impressive that you might get hired in a place that didn't even know they were looking for help. That is why a mass mailing resume should have the absolute best information possible. It should convince an employer that they do indeed need you.

A targeted mass mailing is obviously going to be targeted a little bit more. With a targeted mass mailing, you do a little bit more research to find out which of the places would be more likely to hire you. You will actually make a list of those places that are hiring, and in your field, and then you can send the resume to those places. With a targeted resume, it is easier to actually get a job, because you know that the places you are sending your resume to are actually hiring. You want to be sure that with a targeted mass mailing that you are choosing those jobs you are qualified for.

There are several ways that you can find addresses to send your resume out. Whether you are doing a mass mailing or a targeted mailing, it is important that you find addresses that make sense. For instance, with a mass mailing, it might feel like you will take any job that you can get, but you still want to be sure that you are sending your resume out to places that you would like to work. For instance, if you have always worked in retail, and you know that you do not want to work in the fast food industry, there is no point in sending your resume to anything but retail stores, even if you are doing a mass mailing.

Effective Resume Mailing
Be sure that the cover letters are very well done, and that you know they will work well for the places to which you are applying.
Research your addresses carefully, and be sure that you are sending the resumes to the right place within the various companies. For instance, be sure that you direct the resumes to the company and to the right place inside the company. Don't simply send the resume to the address listed in the phone book, unless an ad specifically tells you to do so, or unless you know this is where the resume should go. Usually, when researching a company, you will find an address to send resumes or to inquire about employment. These are the places where you should be sending your resumes, so be sure that you have them correct.

Lastly, you want to think carefully about your cover letter. Traditionally, a cover letter should be angled towards the particular company to which you are applying. When you are doing a mass mailing of resumes, however, you might want to consider having a cover letter for each particular type of place to which you are applying. For instance, if you are applying to hotels, restaurants, and clothing stores, have a cover letter for each of them, and then be sure that the correct copy of your cover letter is sent with each resume. This will save you time. However, you might appear to be less personable, so be sure that the cover letters are very well done, and that you know they will work well for the places to which you are applying.

By sending out as many resumes as you can, and by targeting them so that you know you are applying to the right places, you will be more likely to land an interview. This is because you will have more people who are seeing your resume, and therefore more people who might be interested in hiring you. Through mass or targeted mailing, you will be more likely to get a job.

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