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Jobs >> Articles >> Employment Career Feature >> The Top 10 Careers for Women
  • Employment Career Feature

The Top 10 Careers for Women

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Due to their increasing need to find work in today's world, the number of women holding what used to traditionally be considered ''men's jobs'' is greater than ever before. Even in many two-parent families, both parents frequently have to work in order to make ends meet.

The Top 10 Careers for Women
78% of healthcare workers are women.
The need to make top dollar for the skills they have learned is the main reason for the upsurge of women seeking employment in certain job markets. Another reason that certain fields may attract many women is the nature of the given field itself. Of course, in the past, women were not accepted at all in some fields, but with the advancements they have made in recent years, they are more accepted today than at anytime before.

What follows is a list of the top ten career fields for women.

1: Healthcare

One of the top ten career fields for women is the healthcare industry. This industry employs a huge percentage of working women. Of course, the specifics of healthcare jobs vary widely since there are so many types of healthcare jobs.


Depending upon the type of healthcare position you are looking for (most women go into nursing), the pay rate can vary a lot. A management position in nursing starts at around $60,000 to $64,000 per year.

Education and Licensing

This also depends upon the type of nursing you choose. Normally, a two-year degree is required for most nursing positions. These are obtainable through community colleges, but if you decide to go for a more specialized field, more education will be required.

2: Employment Services

Employment services is another of the top ten fields for women. Women make up 57.4% of the worker in this field. This is up from 45% in previous years. The increase works out to approximately 1,579,900 more women in this field than ever before.


A starting wage in this field is typically $21,320; however, the amount increases with more experience and depending upon where the position is located.

Education and Licensing

Although the main jobs in this field require only graduation from high school or a GED, there are management positions within the field that will require a bachelor’s degree or even something more advanced.

3: Education

69% of educational service workers are women. As industries go, educational services are the second largest employers of both men and women. About 13.3 million jobs exist in the educational field.


Wages can range from $20,000 per year for a teacher’s assistant to $77,000 or more per year for secondary school teachers. As above, this can depend on what area of the country in which the position is located.

Education and Licensing

A teaching position requires at least a bachelor’s degree and also may require a master’s degree or doctorate.

4: Social Assistance

The fourth spot in the top ten career fields for women goes to the social assistance field. The number of female employees in this field is 73.8%. This category includes services that help the general population with the needs they have on a daily and ongoing basis.


Wages in this field typically run from $16.00 per hour to $20.00 per hour. This is a field in which the wages depend largely on what type of social assistance you are performing.

Education and Licensing

The training required for this type of work will vary. The occupation you choose and the state you reside in will determine whether it is a higher paying job or not. The education required may be as simple as graduating from high school, but for more advanced positions, you may need a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

The Top 10 Careers for Women
57.4% of workers in the employment services industry are women.
5: Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing is another in the top ten career fields for women. Women account for about 46% of the employees in this field. Most of these jobs are in the medicine manufacturing sector, although a significant percentage of the jobs is in office work, and another significant percentage is in sales. This occupation includes low- and high-skilled people.


The hourly wages for positions in this field can range from $11 per hour to almost $40 per hour, depending upon the sector in which you are employed.

Education and Licensing

There are various requirements for positions in this field, ranging from nothing more than a few hours of training while learning your position to earning a bachelor’s, master’s, or a PhD.

6: Advertising and Public Relations

52.3% of the workers in advertising and public relations are women. The design of advertising promotions is one aspect of this business.


Advertising is definitely a high paying field. The hourly rate can range from $9 to $54 per hour, depending on the position.

Education and Licensing

Positions are more than likely going to require a bachelor’s degree. When beginning, the media department is a starting point. Assistant account manager positions, which are entry-level positions, require a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

7: Child Care

A huge percentage of child care workers are female.


From $16,000 to $35,000 is the salary range you can expect for jobs in this field. The top end is normally for those involved in education, pre-school, and day care services.

Education and Licensing

Family care providers are not normally required to be licensed if the number of children they care for is under a certain number. Teaching positions, however, do typically require a college degree.

8: Insurance

About 60.9% of workers in the insurance field are women. The field covers all aspects of insurance, from adjusters to claims writers to salespeople.


Workers in this field earn from $11.58 to $53.02 per hour, with general and operational managers being at the high end of this scale.

Education and Licensing

Most aspects of insurance require no more than a high school diploma, but if you are going into management, usually a master’s degree in business administration is desired.

9: Hospitality

About 57% of hospitality workers are women.


Approximately $353 weekly is the expected wage for workers in this field.

Education and Licensing

No license is required, and the education necessary is minimal. The management may have some experience in this type of work.

10: Advocacy

About 66.9% of workers involved in advocacy, grant making, and civic organizations are women. The work required for these professions can amount to just about anything a non-profit organization would handle, from soliciting donations to applying for grants.


From $232 to $620 per week is the wage you can expect for jobs in this field.

Education and Licensing

No formal education is required to work in this field; however, it is appreciated.

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