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Jobs >> Articles >> Employment Career Feature >> Do It Yourself: Top Ten New Businesses to Open
  • Employment Career Feature

Do It Yourself: Top Ten New Businesses to Open

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Interested in being your own boss? Maybe you've got the itch to strike out on your own and create your own business empire? Before you quit your day job, you've got a lot of things to consider. Do you have the right temperament to tackle the challenges of running your own shop on your own? Can you handle the administrative and financial side of your business and do you have the technical skills that you will require? And most important—what's the right kind of business for your skills and personality?

We've made the last part a lot easier with this handy top ten list of the hottest new businesses to open. So take a mental walk around the lot, kick the tires, and try on your new business for size. There are lots of opportunities out there, and one may be just right for you!

1) Internet services
Face it; setting up a website takes time and skills. Yet, a modern business needs a web presence to survive. That's where you can help. As a provider of Internet services, such as web design, web marketing, online content, and web graphics, you can make your business look good by making other businesses look good. An investment in the right courses in marketing and web design — and a good computer, set up with solid web-building software, can start you on your way to what's fast becoming one of the top ten businesses to open today.

2) Computer Systems & IT Consulting
Everyday, businesses worldwide face the need to manage complex computer networks and data systems. As the owner of an information technology (IT) company, you can be in the forefront of this information tsunami. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that between 2000-2010, eight out of the10 fastest growing jobs will involve computer technology. You'll need to have a solid understanding of networks, servers, and the needs of business productivity software; the field is unlimited and the demand is huge, making this one of the top ten businesses to open.

3) Software
Whether you're interested in creating hard working and useful productivity software, or entering the exciting field of video game design, a software design company may be just the thing for you. Businesses are always looking for new ways to manage information and simplify work, and with the explosion of new media, simple video games and entertainment software are desperately needed. And startup is easy; a few key programs, knowledge of software programming, and a good computer, are all you need.

4) Employment Services
Not all outsourcing goes overseas. There's plenty of need for experienced, and well-trained outsourcing help right here in the US, and as a provider of employment services, you could be the one to fill the gap. Acting as an agent for trained personnel in computers, training, financial transactions, or office help, can not only be one of the top ten businesses to open today, but can also put you on the next step of an existing consulting career. Flexibility and the ability to join forces with other professionals make an employment service one of the top ten businesses to open today.

5) Management, science and tech consulting
If you've been working for someone else for years, why not make use of that experience to help someone else — while making a great living at the same time? Consultants use their experiences and access to the nuts and bolts of a profession to advise other businesses; they also provide valuable contract services when businesses need critical expert help for a limited time. The range of consultants is as wide as there are businesses, and all you need is an experienced resume, a business card, and a file of contacts you've made over the years.

6) Home Health Care & Services
Whether it's a person suffering from a debilitating injury or an aging senior who needs help with maintaining an independent lifestyle, the field of home health care is expanding at an exponential rate. And with the ''baby boomer'' generation now entering retirement age, the need for helpers to provide transport services, medical help, and aids to independent living will continue to grow. A reliable car, knowledge of first aid, and life skills are the basic requirements to start you on your way to a business that helps others.

7) Personal Finance Advisor
If you've got the knack for managing finances and understanding investments, setting up shop as a Personal Finance Advisor may be at the top of your top ten businesses to open. Setting up trusts and managing investments are only part of this rapidly expanding field, which can also include property investments, stocks and bonds, and other financial ''instruments.'' You'll need a strong background in business and investment to start, and you'll need to hit the bricks to meet new clients, but if you like the fast paced world of finance, being a personal finance advisor may be one of the top ten businesses for you.

8) Childcare Services
As more and more parents re-enter the workforce, the need for reliable and safe childcare becomes a priority. And if you can provide basic teaching skills for small children as well as a safe, comfortable environment, parents will flock to your door. While most states require licensing, the other things that you'll need are a clean, well cared for home, with proper childproofing, and safe, and well maintained toys and books.

9) Motion Picture & Video Services
In the YouTube Age, creating interesting and sophisticated visuals has become a key part of any business, especially if that business has a web-based component. Videos, commercials, and online teaching aids are just a small part of the need for competent, and skilled video services. And since most companies can't afford to hire their own video production staff, this may be your chance to ride to the rescue. Mastering the skills to handle various video and audio editing jobs has never been easier, with new software tools; and you also get new outlets to display your work.

10) Personal Improvement Services
Whether it's a hard driving executive looking for a personal trainer, or a client seeking personal coaching and career guidance, the field of personal improvement is growing by leaps and bounds. Your options are wide open; gather a pool of clients to bring your services (from massage to office organizing), or set up seminars to meet and lecture clients in a more corporate setting. Much like consulting, the field of personal improvement can be tailored to what you're best at — if you know something, why not share it with others for fun and profit.

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