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Jobs >> Articles >> Employment Job Profile >> Honey Baked Ham Jobs Are Options to Consider Seriously
  • Employment Job Profile

Honey Baked Ham Jobs Are Options to Consider Seriously

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If you love food in general, and ham in particular, then Honey Baked Ham jobs may offer the right options for you. With over 400 stores across the country, and a tradition dating back from 1957, the Honey Baked Ham Company has created a tradition of excellence in the prime delicacy.

Both Honey Baked Ham jobs as well as part-time Honey Baked Ham jobs carry excellent employee benefits. Employees holding part-time Honey Baked Ham jobs do most of the work that require hand-eye coordination and full time options are usually available in supervisory or managerial positions.

Working in Honey Baked Ham jobs involves working for a prestigious concern and in heavily sanitized and sterilized environments. The meat industry is one of the most heavily monitored industries and people working in Honey Baked Ham jobs have to maintain extremely high standards of hygiene and compliance. So, even if somebody is not working full time but in part-time Honey Baked Ham jobs, he or she has to maintain exceptional cleanliness and care.

In 2009, there was a bit of a controversy about employee policies in Honey Baked Ham jobs as an employee who was shot at during duty, and sustained debilitating bullet injuries, was terminated by the company. Many people opined that the company was not behaving in a humane way with those engaged in Honey Baked Ham jobs and that an employee could hardly make a greater sacrifice than taking a bullet wound for his employer. Termination of job was hardly a proper employer response for such an employee. In fact, many people on social forums went on record to cite this as a justification for the Healthcare laws proposed by President Obama, and showed it was a good example why healthcare should not be tied to a job. However, personally, I believe these people were confused between healthcare and health insurance.

In response to the mentioned controversy over benefits in Honey Baked Ham jobs, the company went on record with a public statement and clarified the steps they had taken for Richard Heuther, the employee who was shot on the job. The company made clear that they stood by all who were in Honey Baked Ham jobs, and that the company provided the injured employee meals until the company was asked to stop. It was also stated by the company that Richard continues to have access to 100% employee-paid long-term disability benefits and worker's compensation benefits (according to law) which are available to every person working full-time in Honey Baked Ham jobs. Additionally, the company was thinking to help him reimburse his COBRA payments, and would consider his application when he recovers and wants to work again in Honey Baked Ham jobs.

Part-time Honey Baked Ham jobs are available round the year though there are seasonal spurts in hiring, especially for the Holiday season and Thanksgiving. Advertisements for part-time Honey Baked Ham jobs like those of part-time retail, seasonal delivery drivers, seasonal production or store associates, or counter sales associates are common at the Honey Baked Ham stores. To get part-time Honey Baked Ham jobs, it is fruitful to contact your local store directly and talk with the people there. Higher posts in Honey Baked Ham jobs like that of a general manager are usually posted on job boards or job sites.

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