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Five Stupid Job Search Mistakes That Smart People Make

If you are one of those millions of youngsters who are looking around for a good job, then you certainly need to know the common mistakes due to which you may miss a job opportunity. The following are five fatal mistakes enlisted by experts. If you avoid these mistakes you should get better results.

  1. Being over confident only because you have done well in the past. This may prove to be one reason why you were not selected for the job you were interviewed for. In fact, your employers are less interested in knowing what good you have been doing in other organizations and are more interested in knowing what good you are looking to do for them in the future.

  2. The second mistake would be going to the interview without having ample information about the company or organization they are going to apply in. Therefore, always make sure that you have enough information about the current and the past projects of the company. This will make your interviewers realize that you are actually interested about the company.

  3. Thinking of your interview as a war between you and the interviewer is another mistake you are going to make in case you think like this. You are never supposed to outclass your interviewer. You need to be simple and straight forward. No need to pull up a one on one battle against the interviewing committee.

  4. In most cases the interviewers will make use of internet sources to collect information about you. Make sure you have maintained a good digital profile for yourself. In case you think you are too impressive to need a digital profile, this is going to be one such mistake that will make you face the music at the end of the day.

  5. Last but not the least, one of the most deadly mistakes would do when they are interviewing is that they would wholly and solely rely on their search abilities and would not ask their friends and relatives to help them find some job leads. Remember, making use of your contacts or network is a smart thing to do and you can remain successful if you are continuously staying in touch with them. This will make the job searching process a lot easier for you.

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