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Town Of Babylon Jobs

The town of Babylon in New York is of the 15 towns and city municipalities of Long Island the nation's largest Continental Island. It is the sixth largest township in the state of New York with over 210,000 residents over a 53-square mile land area. Babylon is in Suffolk County, and is less than one hour from downtown New York City to the west and one hour to the Hamptons to the east. The economy in Babylon is service oriented with focus on high technology service companies, manufacturing, banking and retail. Most of the town of Babylon jobs are in this area as well as in the transportation and construction sectors.

Located in the town of Babylon is the state-operated 527-acre Republic Airport employing over 500 workers and caters to over 25,000 passengers annually. Aside from the airport, the Great South Bay also serves as a source of income and the town of Babylon jobs. The town of Babylon has three ocean beaches namely, Cedar, Overlook and Gilgo, and several town-operated marinas which provide job opportunities for its citizens. In general, the town of Babylon is characterized mainly by small businesses with 1.5 percent of the 92,000 companies located in Nassau and Suffolk counties, employs more than 100 workers. But what is nice about the town of Babylon is that the demography of the people living in the area. Based on a recent population survey, 42 percent of Babylon’s adult population has college education which translates to a more educated workforce. Of the town’s workforce, 27.4 percent holds administrative, executive or managerial positions, 18.4 percent in the administrative or clerical support jobs, 13.4 percent are in sales, 0.2 percent is in the Armed Forces. The bulk of the town of Babylon jobs are in the skilled/unskilled labor or service workers which accounts to 40.6 percent of the labor force. It is surprising to note that despite the educated workforce most of the jobs are in the service sector or the blue collared jobs which further means that a college degree is not a major requirement in looking for a job when in the town of Babylon. Job growth is high also in service oriented businesses and in trade and construction.

Most of the people in the town of Babylon are connected in private companies rather than in the government which is also the common scenario in other cities and states. The town of Babylon jobs are over 626,000 and a major part of it comes from the 49,530 private firms while the rest are being shared by the local government and the self-employed citizens. Among the most common job in the town of Babylon includes sales associate, receptionists, security officers, physical therapist, and office clerks. Common leading industries in the town of Babylon are the trade, transportation, utilities, education and health services, professional and business services. Whole Foods Market, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and Staples are among the top companies that you can apply with in the town of Babylon. The average family income in Babylon is $60,000 with around 20 percent of the town’s resident earning more than $75,000 annually. Babylon has the highest percentage of single-family owner-occupied homes all over the nation at 76 percent. Finding a job in the town of Babylon, NY is not difficult with the initiation of modern technology. The internet is a very useful tool in researching the most appropriate job for any jobseeker especially now that developments in the economy are rapid. All the necessary information about the job as well as the qualifications needed are provided on the web so a jobseeker can immediately decide whether to apply or not.

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