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Building a Strong Brand as an Employer

In today's time when finding the right talent with the right skills and competencies is equally important as delivering the right product or services, employer branding becomes critical for any company competing to stay at the top. Your potential employees want to know what your company stands for and your relationship with your employees, customers, business partners, community and the whole world! A strong employer brand helps you as an employer, to create an impression of a great workplace to your prospective and existing employees.

Building a strong employer brand is important not only to attract a talented workforce but also to retain high performers in your company. Employer branding helps in keeping the staff motivated and productive continuously. However, to build a strong brand as an employer, you need to start from within the company, working your way out – creating loyal customers, both inside and outside your company!

Benefits of a strong employer brand:

  • Lower attrition rate
  • Savings in hiring costs
  • Better talent pool
  • Higher internal and external customer satisfaction
  • Higher employee productivity leading to higher financial results
Many employers have taken to building a distinctive employer brand, but only few have succeeded. as an employer, how do you create a perceived brand image that is positive and trustworthy as an employer, a service provider or product manufacturer and as a workplace of choice? Here are few way to build a strong brand as an employer:
  • Align your employer branding initiatives to your company's values and mission. The initiative should be ingrained organization-wide and must go down the organizational layers rather than remaining concentrated with your HR team.
  • Encourage and reward employee best practices. This will lead to continuous improvement in your business processes and employee productivity.
  • Know what makes you a good employer. Money is not always a motivator. Find out what is and deliver.
  • Send out the message that your company is a great place to work. This not just lends credibility to your company but also clears clouds in the minds of your potential employees when it comes to choosing between you and your competitors.
  • Look after your employees and their motivations. A happy workforce will spread out stories to insiders and outsiders about your company. Sometimes, the good words come not only from your employees but their families and close friends.
  • Respect the talent and contribution of each employee. Never disrespect your potential employees for you don't know when they will become your employees.
  • Ensure that your senior management and other support functions are in the know of the employer brand values as they directly interact with your employees and potential employees.
Conclusion: Building a strong employer brand is a continuous effort. Today, employers cannot separate out effective leadership and strong employer brand management – they deserve equal importance and urgency. A successful employer brand building exercise is not just aimed at attracting new talent, but, at the same time, must talk to your existing employees as well as those exiting your company.