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Why Moms Make Great Employees

Moms are synonymous with multitaskers who can bring order to complete chaos at home, and at work too! Unfortunately, there are many employers who fail to acknowledge their abilities and caliber, because they think working moms lack commitment as they are mostly occupied with household responsibilities and kids. The fear of outdated skills of back-to-work-after-maternity moms bothers most employers. However, these employers are turning a blind eye to the many benefits and workplace qualities that only working moms can bring to their companies.

Here's a list of reasons why moms make great employees:
Working Mom
  • Working moms make great “people managers”. Amidst varying priorities and myriad personalities, they know how to create the right balance of minds at work and take the team ahead in synergy to achieve the goals of an organization.
  • Working moms are experienced multitaskers. They can get a lot done in less time because they are focused. And they are dependable to put in longer hours, if things get a little stressful at the workplace.
  • They are efficient planners. They can focus on multiple tasks at the same time, efficiently.
  • Working moms are loyal and will stay with a company for a long time if they are given a good working environment and support. They are less likely to go job hunting and can be good word-of-mouth agents. For companies, this would mean reduced hiring costs, saving them the hassles of looking out for new talent.
  • Working moms are thorough professionals. They go the extra mile to prove this to their company and co-workers. They work extra hard and allow fewer distractions. They are committed to achieve what is required of them in their shorter working hours.
When others falter, working moms have the perseverance and mental strength to go on until the task is accomplished. So what should you, as an employer, do to retain these ‘productivity boosters' in your company? Here are a few tips for employers to retain their working-mom employees:
  • Include family-friendly benefits in your HR policies.
  • Offer flexible work hours to working moms. While this will ensure work emergencies are met, it will give employees time off when work is slower.
  • Help your working-mom employees prioritize which tasks must be completed at work and which tasks can be accomplished on their own schedule.
  • Help your employees differentiate between urgent tasks and those they can delegate or delay to avoid employee burn out.
  • Offer a “work from home” option to keep working moms motivated, while at the same time helping them avoid the stress of making sure the home is taken care of.
  • Encourage development of maternity leave programs.
  • Help create an affinity group for women in your company to give working moms a supportive environment.
  • Provide healthcare benefits and reimbursements to take care of your employees' health and also that of their little ones.
For employers, working moms can turn out to be everything their company needs. With a little bit of flexibility and understanding, employers can keep these employees motivated and with the company for a long time.