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For most employers the process of posting a job online is pretty straightforward. The online job forums are designed to be user friendly, and in most cases they are easy to use.

Dealing with the tsunami of responses from well intentioned, but unqualified applicants is more difficult. For some postings, employers get far more applications than they can efficiently process. When this happens talented people get over looked in the jumble of applicants.

This is easy to remedy. Employers should always use a qualifying tool that will promote or demote applicants based on their suitability for the role. For example, sales managers use to identify sales applicants with the right personality to thrive in a competitive sales environment. Regardless of what tool is used, to be EEOC compliant it must be applied to all applicants and blind to potential hiring biases like gender, family status, disabilities, health, race, etc. With the right tool it will be easy for employers to develop an objective short list of applicants who have earned an in-depth CV review.