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Strategies for Retaining and Attracting Employees: Sodexo’s Perspective


To attract and retain top talent, a company needs to have an authentic employer brand. This is important because it influences candidate decisions on which companies they want to join and whether or not they will stay.

An authentic employer brand can attract individuals to a company through the way that brand is communicated externally - via a career site, social media, recruiters and employees speaking to what it is like to work for that company. All of these elements work together to attract candidates and retain employees; however, it's also important to understand that candidates make decisions to join a company for many different reasons, including the job they will be doing, the location, the work environment, the opportunities for advancement, etc.

At Sodexo, we know that career advancement is one of the top reasons why our employees join us. And so being able to communicate the many opportunities for employee development and advancement is helpful in our efforts to attract top talent. Delivering on these promises once they join the company helps increase the likelihood that they will stay.

Strategies for Retaining and Attracting Employees: Sodexo’s Perspective

In general, when you look at a company's mission, vision and values, the company needs to be able to not only state these measures, but live them out every day through its operations. This can be done in several ways:

•    Communicating the company's Employee Value Proposition to all employees in a meaningful way, and follow through on those promises.

At Sodexo, we make commitments to our employees through five commitments: Recruiting, Welcoming, Living, Growing and Rewarding. We honor those commitments through training, professional development opportunities, professional association memberships, internal advancement opportunities and ambitious benefit and discount programs.

•    Provide an easy way for employees to see the employer brand in action.

At Sodexo, we are committed towards ending childhood hunger. As such, we created the Sodexo Foundation which works to ensure that every child in the United States, especially those most at-risk, grows up with dependable access to enough nutritious food to enable them to lead a healthy, productive life.

But this is more than just a corporate foundation - Sodexo employees are encouraged to participate and bring life to this organization through annual activities like the Sodexo Servathon in April when employees are encouraged to participate in their communities across the country through fundraisers, food drives, volunteering at food banks, donating surplus food, and payroll deductions.

Together, through communicating the company's employee value proposition and making it easy for employees to see the employer brand in action - and participate - a company will attract and retain employees who, when they choose to join the company, will stay because the company delivers on the brand promise.