EmploymentCrossing.com is the Most Powerful Tool Available for Employers during the Hiring Process.

"What Can EmploymentCrossing Offer Me?"

By using EmploymentCrossing.com, you can drive a flood of qualified applicants to your jobs by posting them on the EmploymentCrossing website and having them distributed at once to over 658 job boards across the web.

"Who Can Use Our Service?"

There is simply no better place for employers in any industry to post jobs than EmploymentCrossing, which allows employers to access a huge reach of candidates and take advantage of job distribution that is unparalleled elsewhere.

"How Does EmploymentCrossing Fill Jobs So Efficiently?"

Quite Simply,

  • Post to Over 658 Other Major Job Sites at Once. In addition to posting your jobs on EmploymentCrossing's main site, we post them on over 658 other job sites on the Internet. Also, your jobs will also be posted on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Hire the Right Person Quickly and Reach Only Qualified Applicants. Many employers across all fields use EmploymentCrossing exclusively to find talent and have done so with massive success.

Here is the Main Idea: Employers post their jobs on our site because they know they will fill the positions with qualified applicants. As a result, we:

  • Feature Thousands of Jobs

  • Fill Jobs 5x Faster Than Any Other Site

  • Send Out Thousands of Job Alert Emails to Qualified Candidates to Increase the Pool of Applicants

"Why Do We Provide Such An All-Encompassing Service?"

We hope to achieve the best results for our customers and, thanks in large part to our technology that consolidates millions of jobs onto a centralized website and distributes these jobs to over 658 other major job boards, EmploymentCrossing is the most efficient, simple, and customer-satisfying experience you'll encounter in the job community!

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