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Start quote I have to say that we have posted numerous jobs on the website, and we did receive good number of responses. We had positions for multiple states, and all had satisfactory results. End quote

  • UBC's ISO Success
  • Bakersfield, California
SKY Advertising
Start quote I did this posting for a client, and I have to say it was very effective for them as they were able to fill the position. So I am very satisfied with the website as it was good and functional. End quote

  • SKY Advertising
  • New York, New York
Neumann Systems Group
Start quote I did receive good number of responses for my posting. I only posted one job but the response was excellent, so I am very satisfied with the outcome. End quote

  • Neumann Systems Group
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP
Start quote I did receive a fair amount of response through your website. I would say that about 75% were on target, we also had the opening on our website, and finally we selected the right candidate. I did receive couple of excellent candidates through your website. End quote

  • Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP
  • Atlanta, Georgia
Market Connect Group
Start quote My EmploymentCrossing experience was fine and there were some good replies too; would love to come back and post as many requirements as I have. End quote

  • Market Connect Group
  • Bloomfield, New Jersey
Start quote I am no longer working with the company. But I do recall that we got good number of responses. I think we got around 12 in couple of days, and the job was filled within a week, so overall the experience was good. End quote

  • Career Choice Solutions
  • Jonesboro, Georgia
RMN Global Search
Start quote It was a good experience posting a job on the site. The functionality was very easy to use and will surely come back as I get some requirements. End quote

  • RMN Global Search
  • Atlanta, Georgia
Partnership Employment
Start quote I did receive good number of responses for my posting, out of which few were very promising. We eventually filled the position, so the website worked fine for us. End quote

  • Partnership Employment
  • Chicago, Illinois
Start quote My experience with EmploymentCrossing was good. The job posting process was easy. It was also easy to make the payment. End quote

  • TM Recruiting Services
  • Prescott Valley, Arizona
Start quote The client informed that the job was posted by a different person, but they did receive a good number of responses and eventually the position was filled, so the experience was good. End quote

  • Netco Teller
  • Vaughan, Ontario
Welter Law Firm, P.C.
Start quote I am very much satisfied with the website. I received good and adequate responses for my postings as a result we hired a candidate for the job. End quote

  • Welter Law Firm, P.C.
  • Herndon, Virginia
Atlas Copco Compressors
Start quote I think it went well for me, as I was able to generate good number of responses from the job seekers, so it was a good experience. End quote

  • Atlas Copco Compressors
  • Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Start quote It was fine, the process was easy, would surely get back if required to post. End quote

  • Innovative Consulting Experts, Inc.
  • Colleyville, Texas
Mackie Wolf Zientz & Mann, P.C.
Start quote The process was very easy and fun to use, and we got good responses. We will come back again and again when we need to fill up requirements. End quote

  • Mackie Wolf Zientz & Mann, P.C.
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
Express Jets
Start quote The job was posted by the HR. She informed that the website was very comprehensive and user friendly and it worked exactly how they wanted it to be. So, the goal set was achieved. End quote

  • Express Jets
  • San Antonio, Texas
AltaLink Management Ltd
Start quote I think the website was very helpful and was easy to post. In terms of responses, it's hard to say because we had informed the job seekers to apply from our website, which was eventually filled. So I can't provide any figures, but the experience was good. End quote

  • AltaLink Management Ltd
  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Media Services Specialist, JobTarget
Start quote We were very pleased with our use of EmploymentCrossing. We have no complains with the job posting service, and would definitely use it again in the future. End quote

  • Media Services Specialist, JobTarget
  • New London, Connecticut
Cooksey, Toolen, Gage, Duffy & Woog
Start quote I did post a couple of jobs on the website, the latest one didn't yielded many responses as compared to ones before that. But overall the experience with the website was good, and found it easy to post jobs. End quote

  • Cooksey, Toolen, Gage, Duffy & Woog
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
Port Authority of NY & NJ
Start quote The experience was wonderful, posting the job was very easy and also got a few responses which was fruitful. End quote

  • Port Authority of NY & NJ
  • New York City, New York
Inyo County Water Dept
Start quote The service was good, the process was smooth and easy. We did receive applicants and are well satisfied with the amount we paid for the posting. End quote

  • Inyo County Water Dept
  • Independence, California
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