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I had not used EmploymentCrossing to post jobs in the past, but had come across your information and decided to give it a try and could not believe the positive response I received. Thank you so much for providing such an excellent service.

- Karen Sheridan,
American Association of Insurance Services.

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Why Should You Choose EmploymentCrossing for YOUR Marketing Personnel Needs?

Finding excellent marketing professionals can sometimes be a challenge. You want someone who can create excellent copy, use the needed programs, have an excellent track record and possess the experience you need. However, finding that person can often bring headaches but no employees.

EmploymentCrossing can supply your employment needs in a quick, easy, affordable and proven one-step system. We do the work for you because we put your ad on over 600 job boards on the internet. Imagine how tedious and time-consuming it would be to go to all those job boards individually. And because EmploymentCrossing posts each job online, you can reach any prospective applicant from just about anywhere.

With EmploymentCrossing, applicant's resumes are available with a few clicks, saving you time and effort to find the best match for your company. EmploymentCrossing's proven system saves you time and money because your whole hiring process is streamlined and effective.

At the touch of a mouse, you can examine your prospective employee's resume to find the person with the skills and experience you need.

Post your job on EmploymentCrossing today and see what putting your job ad on 600+ job boards can do for you and your company. We think you'll find it was the best step you've ever taken to give you the employees you need.


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