published September 11, 2013

By Andrew Ostler

What Is the Best Format for a Job Posting?

What Is the Best Format for a Job Posting?

Having recently gone through the hiring process I can attest that the job board role in the ad industry is terrible at generating a return. Social media sites and networking sites (LinkedIn) are very productive. They even outperformed two separate head hunters.

Eric Morgan
Morgan & Co
New Orleans, LA

This is something we've put a lot of thought into here at TransLoc. We want to "TransLoc-ize" our descriptions so they bleed our culture. It starts with a standard description that is then TransLoc-ized. We want to make it energetic, upbeat, funny and helpful. By the end someone should read it and say, "that's fun, human beings actually work for that company."

John Mickey
Marketing Manager

More information is better. When the job description is sparse on details, it's easy for job seekers to think that the company is less than reputable or stable. Unless you absolutely can't, list the name of your company. Wednesday around lunch time (11 am to 1pm) and just before the end of the work day (4pm to 5pm) is the best time to post a job.

The point of a job description is to attract the right candidates. Therefore, you need to write your description in part to discourage the wrong candidates. Be as specific as possible about degrees or certifications needed, job location, and salary range. These are the factors that will go the furthest to determining who applies to your job.

Rasheen Carbin
Director of Business Development
MBA Project Search

I recently launched a new service for small and medium business owners which makes this question easier to answer. iPlace Connect lets you post a job online, pay just $59, and get 12 local qualified candidate resumes the next business day.

When you come in to the office the next business day, look for our email. It will include a link to the site where you can quickly download a resume book with 12 local qualified candidates.

Jeanne Heydecker
Senior Vice President
iPlace Connect

The best job descriptions not only describe what the company is looking for but draw the candidates in with either video or other types of branding. Having a branded job description lets the candidate know what they can expect and why they should specifically apply with you.

The job description should not be lengthy and should be mobile-optimized for the many candidates that want to access them and apply via a mobile device.

Janine N. Truitt
Chief Innovations Officer
Talent Think Innovations, LLC

One thing we have found at our recruiting firm is to lead off our job postings with a series of questions. For example: "Do you love staying on top of the newest developments in digital media? Know Twitter and Pinterest like the back of your hand? Are you energized by the emerging ways brands can speak with their customers? Are you the guru who makes an impact for your clients and brands in this space? Want the chance to put your expertise to work for a variety of B2C and B2B clients?"

I try to lead off with questions that are easier to answer "yes" to, in order to draw attention, and encourage a chain of positive responses. The strategy of leading off with questions has been more successful for us than our previous standard of "Chicago agency seeks Digital Media Strategist."

Anne Howard
Lynn Hazan & Associates
The Executive Recruiting Firm in Communications and Marketing
  • Be direct with the title but try to add an attention grabber as well "Family Medicine opportunity in Jacksonville, FL-Student loan reimbursement!" (We play around with titles a lot because spam catches certain things and that is always changing)
  • Have the most important information in regards to the job at the top of the posting, such as above average compensation. Also make sure that the information at the top of the job posting focuses on what will benefit the physician if they take the position.
  • Bullets are important—start out with a very brief introductory sentence about the position and location and then use bullets to display the features of the job.
  • End with information pertaining to the community and how they can apply for the position.

Terri Munson
Director of Enterprise Medical Services

The post should have lots of links to the company Twitter, Facebook, and Blog about what it's like to be a part of the work team. I handle social media and content. I think it's encouraging to show job seekers that your company has a social media presence. The content, both on your posts and on blogs, should be energetic and engaging. And the best thing is to have photos up showing the team either having fun or working on something together. It helps the job seeker envision themselves in the company.

Alexandra Wolf
Marketing Intern
Homescout Realty

Alex holds a BA from DePaul University. She's currently working as a realty marketing intern. She's dedicated to writing informative copy for Homescout's online site and social media outreach initiatives. She is passionate about art and music, and enjoys the local talent Chicago has to offer. Alex's philosophy is to find new ways to reach readers and clients with a touch of creativity and a personal approach to all interactions.

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