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American Association of Insurance Services

I had not used EmploymentCrossing to post jobs in the past, but had come across your information and decided to give it a try and could not believe the positive response I received. We were able to hire one of the candidates who had applied through your site. Thank you so much for providing such an excellent service.

Karen Sheridan

American Association of Insurance Services
Integrys Energy Group

The process of posting the job was very easy and the payment method was secure. Also, there were no issues in proceeding further.

Marilou Counard

Integrys Energy Group Chicago, Illinois
Law Office of Michael Jay Berger

The service was good and easy to use. The posting part was easy and the payment was also affordable.

Jessica Orchard

Law Office of Michael Jay Berger Beverly Hills, California

We are an advertising agency and we regularly post jobs on the website, and we are very much satisfied with the service.

Cindy Johnson

APS Peoria, Arizona
PAWS Chicago

I was very satisfied with the website. We did receive quite a few resumes for our posting. The website was good, and we would come again in the future.

Janet Stewart

PAWS Chicago Chicago, Illinois

The website was good and helpful. The job was posted for a recruiter and they were eventually able to fill the position. Overall it was satisfactory.

Tara Sprengeler

HickoryTech Mankato, Minnesota
Tutor Doctor

I think the website was great. It worked very well and we received more number of responses than I expected. The quality of the service was excellent.

Charles Hawkins

Tutor Doctor Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Osram Sylvania

I did have a very good time using the website. We received the responses (in terms of candidates) which we were looking for. So we are happy and will be back in future if we have any new openings.

Maricarmen Neris

Osram Sylvania Danvers, Massachusetts
TMP Worldwide

It was easy. The payment was also low and I would surely love to come back and post if I get some more jobs to post.

Heather Ryker

TMP Worldwide Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Seldovia Village Tribe

We think we got lots of responses for our posting, but the sad thing is that we didn't get right candidate, as it was a unique job and we were looking for a person who had specific qualities. It had nothing to do with the quality of the service, we were very much satisfied with the service.

Shirley Hurley

Seldovia Village Tribe IRA Seldovia, Alaska
Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources

I have to say that I did receive quite a few responses (around 20). The website was good, informative and user friendly.

Jim Feldhausen

Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources Madison, Wisconsin
The College of American Pathologists

The experience was really good and we would surely post more jobs and would also like to get more applicants. The website is really easy to use.

Nancy Sifuentes

The College of American Pathologists Northfield, Illinois
Northern Michigan University

I was very pleased with the quality of the service, we did receive a good number of positive responses for our posting, so we are happy and look forward to working with you in the future.

Susan Tollefson

Northern Michigan University Marquette, Michigan
Columbia Sportswear

I used the website for posting a job for one of our recruiters. I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the quality of the service; it was very user friendly and informative.

Charisse Cunningham

Columbia Sportswear Portland, Oregon
GIIR America, Inc

It was a good experience. It was a very easy process to payment and posting , and it was very user friendly site. We would surely come back if we would like to post further openings. Also we did receive good number of relevant applicants.

Kristie Chong

GIIR America, Inc Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Miami Shores Presbyterian Church School

I think it went according to the way we wanted, and I am very happy. We didn't have any problem with the website and the responses were also good.

Michelle Gaudet

Miami Shores Presbyterian Church School Miami Shores, Florida
Ecology and Environment Inc.

I had no problems with the working of your website. I was able to post jobs easily.

Tara Dennis

Ecology and Environment Inc. Lancaster, New York

The website did work very well for me. I was able to get good number of responses for my posting, it was a bit expensive but overall it was good.

Deanna Kochan

SIFMA New York City, New York
Inyo County Water Dept

The service was good, the process was smooth and easy. We did receive applicants and are well satisfied with the amount we paid for the posting.

Laura Piper

Inyo County Water Dept Independence, California
Port Authority of NY & NJ

The experience was wonderful, posting the job was very easy and also got a few responses which was fruitful.

Suzanne Burk

Port Authority of NY & NJ New York City, New York
Cooksey, Toolen, Gage, Duffy & Woog

I did post a couple of jobs on the website, the latest one didn't yielded many responses as compared to ones before that. But overall the experience with the website was good, and found it easy to post jobs.

Hilary Rainey

Cooksey, Toolen, Gage, Duffy & Woog Las Vegas, Nevada
Media Services Specialist, JobTarget

We were very pleased with our use of EmploymentCrossing. We have no complains with the job posting service, and would definitely use it again in the future.

Ryan Caouette

Media Services Specialist, JobTarget New London, Connecticut
AltaLink Management Ltd

I think the website was very helpful and was easy to post. In terms of responses, it's hard to say because we had informed the job seekers to apply from our website, which was eventually filled. So I can't provide any figures, but the experience was good.

Deborah Clark

AltaLink Management Ltd Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Express Jets

The job was posted by the HR. She informed that the website was very comprehensive and user friendly and it worked exactly how they wanted it to be. So, the goal set was achieved.

Jason Leavelle

Express Jets San Antonio, Texas
Mackie Wolf Zientz & Mann, P.C.

The process was very easy and fun to use, and we got good responses. We will come back again and again when we need to fill up requirements.

Keller Mackie

Mackie Wolf Zientz & Mann, P.C. Little Rock, Arkansas

It was fine, the process was easy, would surely get back if required to post.

Joni Andrew

Innovative Consulting Experts, Inc. Colleyville, Texas
Atlas Copco Compressors

I think it went well for me, as I was able to generate good number of responses from the job seekers, so it was a good experience.

Christine Chabalowski

Atlas Copco Compressors Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Welter Law Firm, P.C.

I am very much satisfied with the website. I received good and adequate responses for my postings as a result we hired a candidate for the job.

Michele Jackson

Welter Law Firm, P.C. Herndon, Virginia

The client informed that the job was posted by a different person, but they did receive a good number of responses and eventually the position was filled, so the experience was good.

Victor Marchildon

Netco Teller Vaughan, Ontario

My experience with EmploymentCrossing was good. The job posting process was easy. It was also easy to make the payment.

Tami McConnell

TM Recruiting Services Prescott Valley, Arizona
Partnership Employment

I did receive good number of responses for my posting, out of which few were very promising. We eventually filled the position, so the website worked fine for us.

Mike Babcock

Partnership Employment Chicago, Illinois
RMN Global Search

It was a good experience posting a job on the site. The functionality was very easy to use and will surely come back as I get some requirements.

Gail Woodworth

RMN Global Search Atlanta, Georgia

I am no longer working with the company. But I do recall that we got good number of responses. I think we got around 12 in couple of days, and the job was filled within a week, so overall the experience was good.

Roderick Buford

Career Choice Solutions Jonesboro, Georgia
Market Connect Group

My EmploymentCrossing experience was fine and there were some good replies too; would love to come back and post as many requirements as I have.

Rachel Tackett

Market Connect Group Bloomfield, New Jersey
Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP

I did receive a fair amount of response through your website. I would say that about 75% were on target, we also had the opening on our website, and finally we selected the right candidate. I did receive couple of excellent candidates through your website.

Sherri Knight

Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP Atlanta, Georgia
Neumann Systems Group

I did receive good number of responses for my posting. I only posted one job but the response was excellent, so I am very satisfied with the outcome.

Meghan Wildgoose

Neumann Systems Group Colorado Springs, Colorado
SKY Advertising

I did this posting for a client, and I have to say it was very effective for them as they were able to fill the position. So I am very satisfied with the website as it was good and functional.

Jimmy Cintron

SKY Advertising New York, New York

I have to say that we have posted numerous jobs on the website, and we did receive good number of responses. We had positions for multiple states, and all had satisfactory results.

Keith Ragan

UBC's ISO Success Bakersfield, California
American Immigration Lawyers Association

I didn't have any problem with the website as we had a good time. We had posted couple of jobs on the site, for one we received tons of responses, which actually was a good one for us.

Gillian Shurland

American Immigration Lawyers Association Washington, District of Columbia
Lassen County

We advertised few jobs on the site and we were quite happy to receive many applicants for the position and would surely come back as and when we have any hiring opportunities. The experience was good.

Cheryl Douglas

Lassen County Susanville, California
Gibson Guitar Corp

It was easy to post the jobs and we did get few applicants and it was a nice service which can be used again.

Jake Jackson

Gibson Guitar Corp Nashville, Tennessee
Wells Fargo Bank

The site was easy to use and we did obtain some interest via the site. Thank you for the opportunity.

Paul D Cooksey

Wells Fargo Bank San Francisco, California

The site was very user friendly. Got a few applicants and was happy with it.

Chris Comberrel

Recruiting and Staffing Houston, Texas
Record Express LLC

I did receive quite a number of responses through your website. It's been a while that I have posted something but I will comeback if I have any openings, but overall I had a good experience with your website.

Jana Stahl

Record Express LLC Batavia, Ohio
Emdeon, Inc

I was very happy to utilize the service. I did get quite a few responses from job seekers and am overall happy with the website.


Emdeon, Inc Nashville, Tennessee
NAS Recruitment Communications

I had a good time using the website and it was very easy to post. We are getting good responses from the job seekers and as a result we have started the interviewing process.

Holly Lantz

NAS Recruitment Communications Cleveland, Ohio
North American Electric Reliability Corporation

The job posting process went very smoothly and efficiently. The account representative was very responsive. I was also impressed with the numerous articles available on your site. Thank you.

Deborah Woods

North American Electric Reliability Corporation Princeton, New Jersey
Vermont Electric Power Company

Regarding the process of signing up online, posting the ad and billing, I am happy about how fast and friendly your online system is. After posting and paying, I received an acknowledgement and link to the posted ad. Thanks!

Irma Higgins

Vermont Electric Power Company Rutland, Vermont
Cooper & Scully, P.C.

You are most generous and I thank you so much for all your help and assistance. The account was reactivated and we are receiving resumes so thank you again and we appreciate all your help and follow-up. We will highly recommend you to others in the future who are either looking for jobs or looking to post jobs.

Sally Pincus

Cooper & Scully, P.C. San Francisco, California

I found exactly the people I was looking for, with some help from EmploymentCrossing.

Helen Munch

Ft. Lauderdale, FLorida