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Create High-impact Job Descriptions as an Effective Recruitment Strategy

Writing a job description is one of the most crucial steps in the hiring process. Good job descriptions are excellent marketing tools for your company and play a pivotal role in ensuring that you recruit some great talent. So if you (like many companies that I know of) think that spending time on creating good job descriptions is not really a sensible investment of time, you are missing out on some great recruitment opportunities.

Create High-impact Job Descriptions as an Effective Recruitment Strategy

Recruiting good talent can be a real challenge as the market for talent is extremely competitive. Here are some tips which will help you create high impact job descriptions and give your recruitment efforts a boost.

1. Subject lines are Crucial for Job Descriptions

Subject lines for job descriptions are as important as subject lines for marketing mailers. Job description subject lines can be corporate and some can be casual, depending on the need.

A front –end developer job description with a subject line, “Do you think of CSS classes all the time?” is sure to attract the talented cream of the crop developers. There are some who equate this approach to the culture of an organization as a creative place where they can prune their skills well.

2. The company description should reflect the company culture

By revealing company culture through the descriptions that you write, chances are that you will get people who fit into that culture. Five qualified resumes are better than a horde of irrelevant resumes.

For many of the job seekers, the culture of a company is as important as the pay and position that they are offered. The environment should be comfortable for them along with the people who are working there. A team committed to building fantastic products would be appealing to talented job seekers rather than a fat paycheck in uncomfortable and uncompetitive surroundings.

Here are some of the questions that you need to answer in your job description:
  • Is the company aggressive in meeting its goals or works in a slower, laid-back pace?
  • Is it casual-atmosphere company or more corporate? Is it particular about office timings?
  • Is the team huge? What is the contribution of each member in the team? Is there a learning scope in the department?
3. Be Realistic About Job Requirements

It is necessary to state the job position requirements in a simple, clear and precise manner. The applicant should be able scan through the job description and assess whether he or she is qualified for the position. The number of qualifications should not be too many or too diverse either.

4. Be Realistic About the Experience Required

Any job position should have clear expectations related to the skill level of the job prospect. For example, a developer who is expected to architect systems should at least have more than five years of experience. Advertising for wrong experience levels can prove to be problematic for those applying for the positions.

5. Job descriptions are required to build teams, not widgets

There is no perfect job candidate literally. It is a team with different skills of each and every team member which contributes to business success. People bring a plethora of skill sets to the table and a company can benefit from diverse skill sets in its setup. A job description should focus on skill sets unique to every job position since combined skill sets can create a perfect team.