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Ensure Your Job Descriptions Are Giving You Great Results

Once you are clear of the do's and don'ts of job posting, it is also important to ensure that the job descriptions that you are writing are giving you a good return on your investment. Think like a job seeker. What would you like to see in a job listing if you were applying for that particular job listing?

Job titles: Check out our site and see the commonly used job titles used in your industry. If you want, tweak it a bit to ensure your job title stands out.
Ensure Your Job Descriptions Are Giving You Great Results

Duties and work responsibilities: This part should be carefully worded and input taken from the department or team the future employee is going to work for. More than salary, this part, gives candidates a more clear picture of what is expected of them and what the job is really about. After all, a job title can differ from company to company, but detailing what the actual job entails gives the candidate more information if the company is right for him or her.

If the position is such that the employee is going to be working for various people or has to do “odd jobs”, then that part should also be made clear. Also increasingly important today is mentioning whom the employee will report to. This helps the candidate get an understanding of the hierarchy of the organization.

Term of employment: Be sure to mention the term of employment, whether it's a part-time or full-time job, how many hours per week and if it is a contract job or is the company looking for a full-time worker.

Job location: Be sure to include the job location in your listing since this is one of the most important parts of the job description. Candidates frequently use a location based keyword search while looking for jobs so leaving out this part puts you at a great disadvantage.

Salary information: The salary that you are going to pay or at least the salary range is the most important piece of information that you can give out to attract candidates.

Benefits: The benefits being offered should be clearly spelled out and this includes fringe benefits too. This is also a window into the company culture and can help candidates determine if they will be a good fit into the firm.

Computer skills: Since most jobs today require some level of computer use, it is necessary to spell out what exactly the candidate should know. Just mentioning “must be efficient with computers” or “must know MS Office” is not enough. List briefly what kind of computer programs the employee will be using and for what purposes. For example - the candidate needs to know MS Access to keep track of inventory checkouts.

Remember, the more information that you provide in a clear easy to read format, the better your chances of getting more candidates applying to your positions.