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How Technology has Changed Job Posting

Two experts share their views on how technology has changed job postings in current times.

How has technology changed job posting?

Adam Grealish, co-founder of Roletroll says that it has changed it in the following way:

"Job posting has become more targeted. Gone are the days of 'post and pray.' Now big data helps identify great candidates before they ever apply. This leads to higher quality candidates, higher response rates, and better cultural fits.

I'm cofounder of Roletroll, a job matching engine that uses advanced algorithms to match people with jobs in a highly targeted way. We measure job fit based on the skills and backgrounds of candidates as well as provide other predictive analytic for talent search."

What is another way that technology has affected job posting?

Lori Fain, Executive Recruiter at The Oliver Group shared her thoughts:

"Job boards have become a thing of the past, as they are not targeted and are a passive or reactive form used to attract potential candidates - candidates that are generally unhappy in their current role and are looking for a new opportunity.

Today, employers and recruiters are using a more proactive approach to recruiting by seeking out candidates that are not necessarily unhappy in their current role but are open to discussing new opportunities even if it is just providing a referral for a role. Recruiting professionals are utilizing corporate websites, employee referrals, social media, and large professional networks to seek out top talent, especially passive job seekers."