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How Technology has Changed Job Search over the Last Decade


Robyn has been in academic advising, career counseling and business development for nearly 10 years. She takes great joy in sharing a student or alum's success in securing a job or internship, as well as providing interactive workshops and events to our students and alumni.

Here is her take on how technology has changed job search over the past decade:

How Technology has Changed Job Search over the Last Decade

In the last ten years many job search websites (like and have become available and employers have increasingly relied on their websites, job boards like CareerBuilder, and online application systems to hire employees. These sites have made it easier for employers to reach applicants because they connect companies directly to websites where they can house someone's dream job description and the company's own application process without paying for a posting in the newspaper or job board. While job search websites have reduced cost and made it easier for hiring companies, they have also posed a challenge to job seekers. Due to job postings virtually unlimited availability on the web the number of people responding to job postings has increased significantly, resulting in steeper competition.

In addition, social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have become a source of job hunting and posting for both employers and job seekers. In this job market it has become essential for employers and job seekers to use company websites and social media in order to find employees and job opportunities. Just like in the past, the best way to find or fill a position is still through connecting to your network and knowing someone who can refer you to the position or potential candidate. With the help of social networking sites, job seekers and hiring managers now have easy access to locate people from your past and present who might be able to help you in your search.

The words you use on your resume have become much more important due to online application systems that will sort through resumes based on a bank of words related to the job posting. For example, if the company is looking to hire someone with IT Management experience it will be important to have this phrase or words somewhere on your resume. Additionally, resumes with the most keywords pertaining to the job description will appear at the beginning of a sorted list of resumes, which increases your odds of being chosen for an interview. Some job seekers have found it helpful to add a section to their resume called "Core Competencies" where they list the important keywords related to the job description as a way of getting their resume noticed in the applicant tracking system.