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Proper Formatting of Job Postings

Not only is having the right content and details important in a good job posting, but formatting of that job posting is also essential. This is beneficial to the job seeker in multiple ways. It helps them focus on the content, without skimming through long paragraphs and missing pertinent information. Another benefit is that it is simply easier to read and find all the information they need to absorb. Here are tips for proper formatting of your job postings.

The Main Job Description Elements

First of all, make sure you have all the most important elements in the job description. This will help you when formatting, because the different elements become the different sections of the job description. They include the summary, responsibilities and duties, minimum requirements, preferred requirements, company history, and the call-to-action or instructions for the job seeker.

Separating the Sections

Next, you want to separate these different sections into paragraphs. As you write the job description, put each part of the description into a separate paragraph. The summary goes first, with a break, followed by the responsibilities and duties. By separating them into paragraphs, the reader is able to go through each important section individually without losing their place or moving too quickly and not gathering the information they need.

Adding Subheadings

For each section, add a subheading. The subheading should be made obvious in some way, whether the font is different, or it is simply in bold. This lets the reader know what they are about to read, and helps with the overall formatting. Subheadings describe what the paragraph is, such as "Minimum Job Requirements." Put whatever subheading is most descriptive and brief.

Font and Style

Job descriptions don't need to be complex or fancy. Getting the right information and basic formatting is enough. If you do want a different font, only use it for subheadings. Don't try to use more than two font sizes or styles in your job posting, or it becomes too distracting.