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Summary: These four articles highlight how artificial intelligence is changing the recruiting profession.

AI in the Office

At one point, artificial intelligence, also known as AI, was portrayed only in science fiction movies, and not in a very kind or trusting way either. Today, many people still don’t trust AI. But there are many more who not only trust AI, they employ it, particularly in the workplace. The following four articles outline how AI is used, in specific, by recruiters and job seekers.
How Artificial Intelligence Optimizes Recruitment

While some workers might worry that artificial intelligence will replace them in the workplace, job seekers and employers alike are experiencing the efficiency of AI, especially as manual recruiting tools make it increasingly difficult for employers to find proper job candidates.

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How AI is about to Disrupt Corporate Recruiting

As AI becomes increasingly prevalent, not to mention, efficient in recruiting, recruiters are realizing how AI technology can affect their own careers.
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The 5 Best Innovations in Recruitment of 2017

This article outlines 5 innovations – all of them tech related, that has literally reinvented the business of job recruiting and how job recruitment is performed.

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How AI is changing Job Hunting

There are two sides to job hunting; the employer’s side and the candidate’s side. This article shows how both employers and candidates can save time and resources with AI’s vetting ability to optimally match job candidates to open positions.

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