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EmploymentCrossing’s Top 10 Most Popular Employer Articles of 2021

Summary: Read EmploymentCrossing’s 10 Most Popular Articles for Employers in 2021

EmploymentCrossing’s Top 10 Most Popular Employer Articles of 2020

Summary: Read EmploymentCrossing’s 10 Most Popular Articles for Employers in 2020.

How to Conduct Job Interviews and Choose the Right Candidate

Learning how to conduct a job interview and choose the right candidate seems like something that should be natural for anyone who owns a business or has managerial or operational authority. Yet, determining which applicant will be the best fit for your work environment is no easy task. The job interview process is just as much about you getting to know the candidate as it is the candidate getting to know you. This article is dedicated to how a job interview should be conducted and choosing the most qualified talent. You will learn how to prepare in advance to conduct the job interview process, phone interviews, the actual job interview process, some of the best interview questions to ask (and some you should avoid), body language of the candidate, and moving on to the next steps after you’ve identified which applicant would make a great employee.

EmploymentCrossing’s Top 10 Most Popular Employer Articles of 2019

Summary: Read EmploymentCrossing’s 10 Most Popular Articles for Employers in 2019.

How the Workforce Is Changing & How Businesses Can Prepare for the Future

  • Boomers are aging and Millennials now make up the majority of the workforce.
  • Millennials work hard but they expect much too.
  • Knowing how these expectations are changing the workplace will be important for companies that want to retain this generation long-term.
  • Old business models no longer work. Culture has changed and companies that understand this, using data and analytics, will be the ones to succeed.
  • Even though they are the digital generation, they know that technology continues to evolve and unless they keep up they too will be left behind.

Can Your Work Team Increase Productivity & Profitability? Here’s How to Build (& Sustain) a Great Team

Summary: Building strong and productive teams requires intention and planning. It also requires managers that employees can trust. This article shows you how to create a great team.

You’re Sick! Why 90% of Employees Work Sick & Why It’s Wrong

Summary: When employees work sick, they may think they are helping their company. This is a mistake! Learn why employees should stay home when they are not feeling well.

Flexible Work Arrangements: The Good & the Bad

Summary: Employees want flexible work schedules. Flexible workplaces have happier, more engaged, and more productive employees. But employers need to make sure it works for them, too.

Diversity Should be Good for Business: So Why Isn’t It Working Better?

Summary: Successful companies know that diverse workplaces are advantageous. But making it work requires more than just hiring a diverse staff and writing a policy. You need a plan.

10 Signs Your Workplace is Great; 5 Ways to Know if You Should Move On

Summary: The difference between a good workplace and a bad one can be the difference between a life that’s happy and a life that’s not: How to know if your workplace is healthy and the consequences if it’s not.

Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, & Human Resources: What You Don’t Know and Should

Summary: There’s more to Human Resources than hiring, training, and dispensing policy and employee benefits. This “more” now comes in the form of Talent Management and Talent Acquisition. More forward-looking than traditional HR, this more progressive and proactive approach is a way of optimizing both your talent and your organization, now and in the future.

3 Top Ways to Reduce Burnout among Your Employees

Summary: Worker burnout needs to be avoided at all costs, particularly if you are a manager who can control that burnout.

The 6 Common Characteristics of Millennial Professionals

Summary: What do you know about millennials? If nothing, you better learn quickly; they’re your next workforce.

4 Ways to Being Nice During Business Meetings

Summary: Are your employees having trouble respecting each other, particularly during meetings? Then use these 4 steps to improve the meeting process within your business.

The 6 Best Actions to Prevent Burnout of Your Employees

Summary: Do you suspect worker burnout among your workforce? If so here are 6 steps you can take to help mitigate what could irreparably harm your employees.

10 Phrases You Never Say to Employees if You Are an Intelligent Leader

Summary: If you want to be a more effective business owner/manager, never use these 10 phrases with your employees.

3 Actions You as a Manager Can Take to Deal with a Negative Team Member

Summary: Having a negative employee among your other workers can be detrimental to your business. Find out the three actions you can take to gently (and hopefully) coax this negative employee back into shape.

3 Methods That Can Guarantee You Are The Type of Boss Workers Will Be Loyal To

Summary: What is the easiest way to achieve a high retention rate among your employees? Easy, just acknowledge them using these 3 methods.

4 Observations of what Good Content Should Truly Be

Summary: Do you want to know the real secret to producing quality content? Here’s a hint: Voice and style trumps analytics.

3 Alternatives To Saying Sorry Which In Turn Can Destroy Your Business Career

Summary: Constantly saying “sorry” in situations that don’t warrant an apology can have a dangerous effect on you as a business person.

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