published December 28, 2017

By Teresa Lo

EmploymentCrossing’s Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2017 for Employers

Find out what the top 10 most popular articles of 2017 for employers were on Employment Crossing.

Being an employer is never easy. But what issues concern them the most? Based on the top 10 most read articles of 2017, it appears employee satisfaction is a top priority. This makes sense. After all, a happy office is a productive office.
The following are the most popular articles of EmploymentCrossing in 2017:
1. Workplace Behavior: What’s Acceptable and What’s Not Acceptable?
Management has the task of setting the tone for its employees, and they must decide what is acceptable and not acceptable. Social norms are sometimes fuzzy, but the four behaviors in this article are guidelines that draw a clear line in the sand.
What workplace behaviors does your company have in place?
2. 7 Common Traits Companies Look for in a Team Player
While some people prefer to work solo, most have to work well with others. When hiring team players, what should you look for? In the second most read article of the year, seven traits of the best employees are discussed in detail.
What criteria do you have in place to identify team players?
3. How to Research a Potential Hire before the Interview
Anyone can say anything. So if you want to bring someone into your organization, you’d better do your due diligence. Thus, do the research before the interview so that you can get to know your candidate before you make an offer.
How do you research your potential hires before offering them a job?
4. What to Do about Holiday Bonuses
Handing out year-end bonuses can be tricky for a business. Find out how you should deal with them in this article.
What process do you have in place toward employee year-end bonuses?
5. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Age Diversity in the Workplace
Some offices have yet to warm up to the idea of diversifying the ages in the workplace. But writer David Dorion argues that should change.
Is your employee staff age diversified? If so, what process did you take to build an age-diversified workforce?
6. Are Your Employees Happy at Their Jobs?
Ask any manager how they measure their success, and one answer will be the satisfaction of their workforce. Are your employees happy? This article examines how to find out.
How do you keep employees happy at their job?
7. How Being Paid Is Changing in the Workplace
In the past, employees were happy with traditional benefits such as health insurance and a 401K, but now they’re expecting additional perks such as gym memberships, flex time, and work-life balance.
What perks do you include when bringing on new hires to your business?
8. Top Performers in the Workplace: What We Should Know about Them
It’s always great to have employees who overperform. But not everyone is motivated. So what makes those who excel want to earn a metaphorical trophy?
Do you have overperformers on your work staff? If you do, how did you identify them during the interview process?
9. 5 Ways You Can Make Trust an Integral Part of Your Workplace Relationships
Having a good team requires trust, and trust first starts with leadership. To create trust, management must do the following things with their employees.
How have you created trust between your managers and your employees?
10. The Pros and Cons of Having Employees Who Work Remotely
With technology making it easy to work from home, more employees are demanding this arrangement. But is this a good or bad thing for employers? This post lists several articles that weigh the issue.
Do you have a policy in place that allows for remote working? If so, how well or how poorly has this process evolved for your business?
See the following articles for more information.
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