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Are Your Employees Happy at Their Jobs?


Summary: These four articles highlight what can make an employee unhappy at work, and how you can help mitigate that unhappiness.

Are Your Employees Happy at Their Jobs?

Ask any manager, supervisor or business owner about their entity’s success and those who are the good managers, owners, etc. will state that their success is due to having happy, satisfied workers. For the fact is, workers who want to work at a company are more likely than not happy employees. The following four articles outline the causes and reasons an employee may be unhappy at work, and the steps you can take to lessen that unhappiness.
7 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy (And Working Really Hard)

No one likes to be miserable at work. And if you’re a manager, you probably do not enjoy supervising unhappy workers. This article gives you 7 tips that can help encourage, enliven, and brighten the atmosphere around your workers.

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What Do You Think Your Employees Would Ask For If They Had A Chance to Go Union?

Do you ever wonder what might happen to your place of business if it ever went union? As a manager, a telling critical exercise you can take is to ask yourself what demands of the modern workforce your workers might want to prevent them from going union.

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How Employers Can Gain Trust Back

More than half of American workers don’t believe or trust their bosses. Too many promises have been broken, leading a workplace relationship to sour, stiffen and eventually die, leading to employee resignation and/or dismissal. Check out this article to see how you can gain and keep your employees’ trust.

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Types of Employee Benefits and Perks

Face it; in today’s American workforce good workers are difficult to keep. At the slightest feeling that they are being compromised, workers will generally quit, leaving you as an employer in a lurch. What you may need to do is check out different kinds of benefits and perks, as this article outlines, to help keep your employees happy and on the job.

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