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Don’t Be Fooled by the Extrovert Ideal: 3 Tips for Effective Hiring

Don’t Be Fooled by the Extrovert Ideal: 3 Tips for Effective Hiring Summary: The most successful companies are those that see the value in both introverts and extroverts and hire accordingly. Follow these 3 tips to achieve success in hiring. + read more

How to Hire Interns Who Can Be Full Time Employees

The economy is a virtual playground filled with young entrepreneurs and technical wizards jumping into leadership and influential positions immediately after (even during) college. To compete in this intense recruiting market, employers are cultivating talent through internships and co-op programs - which have re-emerged as one of the most effective short- and long- term recruiting tools. But with higher risk and bigger gains at stake, the investment and skills required to develop and manage internship and co-op programs have grown exponentially. While more than 50 percent of employers offer internship programs, only a handful have successfully transformed interns into employees, learning experiences into on-the-job training, and academics into production. + read more

Perspectives of Keyword Use in Scanning Resumes

The use of keywords in resumes is a relatively recent phenomenon – one that is concurrent with the rise of digital search technology and the adoption of applicant tracking software by businesses. + read more

Should You Hire People Based on Passion Over Experience?

For today's hiring advice article, we decided to find out what hiring managers, recruiters, and anyone else in charge of hiring thought about this question: Should people hire based on passion over experience? We received quite a few responses to this question, and we are excited to be able to share these thoughts with you. After reading through these, if you want to add your own thoughts, feel free to do so in the comments below the article. + read more

Pros and Cons of Job Posting in the Technology Age

We asked several experts what they thought about how posting jobs has changed in today's age of technology. Here is what they had to say: + read more

Q & A with Susan L. Combs: ObamaCare and New Jobs

We asked Susan L. Combs, President of Combs & Company, a few questions about ObamaCare and new jobs, and wanted to share her responses with you. Here are the questions we asked her, and below are her responses. + read more

When to Hire an Expert for a Full-Time Job and When as a Consultant

You got a resume before you that says you ultimately have the top expert with sufficient domain experience to solve problems in your organization. But as a recruiter, you need to find out at the interview table the fresh load of problems the expert might be bringing into the organization along with preconceptions. + read more

Ways Job Posting Has Changed in the Last 10 Years

We spoke to several experts about ways that job posting has changed in the last decade. Here are their thoughts: + read more

Taking a Risk on a New Hire

When you are meeting with candidates to fill an open position, how willing are you to take a leap of faith and hire a person who may seem perfect for the job but is missing a particular qualification? Perhaps the applicant did not finish their doctorate, or has a large gap in their employment. What can be overlooked in a candidates background? What circumstances would allow you to overlook a single or multiple problems for a candidate in the hiring process? + read more

How Technology has Changed Job Search over the Last Decade

Robyn has been in academic advising, career counseling and business development for nearly 10 years. She takes great joy in sharing a student or alum's success in securing a job or internship, as well as providing interactive workshops and events to our students and alumni. + read more

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