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Office Dating Horror Stories: Don’t Let This Happen in Your Office

Office Dating Horror Stories: Don’t Let This Happen in Your Office Summary: These office dating horror stories will give you all the inspiration you need to make sure your office has its own set of dating policies. + read more

Is Office Gambling Something That Should Concern HR?

Is Office Gambling Something That Should Concern HR? Summary: Companies around the nation allow office gambling to happen. Is it really that big of a deal? + read more

Can You Provide Some Guidelines for Starting an Employee Sabbatical Program?

Can You Provide Some Guidelines for Starting an Employee Sabbatical Program? Summary: Considering implementing a sabbatical program at your company? Find out if it’s the right move for you. + read more

Top 10 Networking Tips for Employers

Top 10 Networking Tips for Employers Summary: If your organization doesn't yet have an employee network to promote communication, you can start one. Here are 10 networking tips to get you started. + read more

Manage a Workforce Tactfully to Be Successful

One of the most notable trends being observed today is of four generations coexisting in one workplace. This makes it essential for departments in a company to not only think of ways to upgrade the capacity of the workforce, but also think of ways to ensure better cross-generational collaboration. + read more

Shopping for Health Insurance: the Essential Features

Soon it may be a thing of the past, but currently, the stiff competition between health insurance companies results in millions of dollars spent on advertising by these companies. We were curious about what features tend to attract the most members to a particular plan. Some companies advertise their wellness programs; others advertise their physician providers' medical education and specialty boards, while others appeal to potential members' desire to choose their own physicians. We asked patient advocates, marketing and sales specialists, health insurance company representatives, hospital administration reps, and health care industry researchers, what they've seen attract clients and here's what they had to say: + read more

A Project Executive Summary Gone Wrong Can Hurt Your Business

Employers, entrepreneurs, board members, most people in the top rungs of managing an organization have a premium on time. Consequently it becomes second nature of top management to go after the substance and ignore what they perceive as inconsequential in most situations. + read more

Differentiating Constructive Feedback from Positive Feedback as a Tool for Employee Motivation

In regular office workspaces, employers and managers use a combination of constructive and positive feedback as a tool for enhancing employee motivation – because this is the combination that works best. However, a regular use of such combinations also dulls perceptions as to the difference between constructive and positive feedback, and which has priority in a given situation. + read more

Why Your Management Hates the HR, and What You Can Do about It

Everything that happens in an organization, whether the outcome of a single or multiple processes, shares a fundamental model made up of inputs, throughputs and outputs. + read more

Capping the Generation Gaps in Your Workplace

I’ll admit something at the very beginning of this article, and request you to keep in mind that generalizations are not absolutes and do not work for each individual. However, for the sake of understanding things quickly, we do need to make generalizations, and more so, when a concept needs to be delivered within the short span of an article. + read more

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