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10 Ways to Improve Your Brand to Attract New Talent

Summary: As businesses increasingly find it difficult to hire talented employees, they have begun to concentrate on and boost their own brand as a selling point to attract future employees.

Top 10 Traits of The Best Managers

Summary: The strongest and most fair managers in the working world subscribe to these 10 topmost traits that coincide with their managerial position. Oh yeah, they’re also Google approved.

10 Top Benefits of Hiring a Veteran

Summary: Do you want the absolute best person for a job opening in your company? Consider hiring a veteran.

The 6 Best Actions to Prevent Burnout of Your Employees

Summary: Do you suspect worker burnout among your workforce? If so here are 6 steps you can take to help mitigate what could irreparably harm your employees.

The 5 Top Ways to Make Business Connections

Summary: As a business owner, networking is critical to your future success. Find out in this article the top 5 methods of networking from master networkers themselves.

10 Phrases You Never Say to Employees if You Are an Intelligent Leader

Summary: If you want to be a more effective business owner/manager, never use these 10 phrases with your employees.

3 Actions You as a Manager Can Take to Deal with a Negative Team Member

Summary: Having a negative employee among your other workers can be detrimental to your business. Find out the three actions you can take to gently (and hopefully) coax this negative employee back into shape.

3 Methods That Can Guarantee You Are The Type of Boss Workers Will Be Loyal To

Summary: What is the easiest way to achieve a high retention rate among your employees? Easy, just acknowledge them using these 3 methods.

4 Observations of what Good Content Should Truly Be

Summary: Do you want to know the real secret to producing quality content? Here’s a hint: Voice and style trumps analytics.

3 Alternatives To Saying Sorry Which In Turn Can Destroy Your Business Career

Summary: Constantly saying “sorry” in situations that don’t warrant an apology can have a dangerous effect on you as a business person.

The 7 Pros and Cons of Employee Monitoring

Summary: Read the following seven pros and cons regarding employee monitoring.

EmploymentCrossing’s Top 10 Most Popular Employer Articles of 2018

Summary: EmploymentCrossing’s Top 10 Most Popular Employer Articles of 2018.

Why Are You Leaving Us?

Summary: Read the following eight reasons why companies lose their best workers.

Revamping Your Recruiting

Summary: Innovative recruiting is the only way to land solid employees in a tight workforce.

Ghosting and Being Ghosted

Summary: Job ghosting is a process that can kill your business.

The Mass Exodus (How to not let the 17-year High Quit Rate Affect Your Business)

Summary: This article describes how to not fall prey to a strong workforce market.

“You’re Asking for Too Much”

Summary: Here are seven ways you can negotiate with a job candidate who asks for too high a wage.

8 Phrases You Should Tell Your Employees

Summary: Want to be a better boss? Here are eight phrases you should adopt into your daily language towards your employees.

How Will Trump’s Immigration Reform Impact Businesses?

Summary: Is Trump’s immigration reform helping or threatening business in the United States? How are businesses adjusting?

7 Steps to Take When You’re Smarter Than Your Boss

Summary: Are you smarter than your boss? If so, what can you do about it?

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