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Don’t Be Fooled by the Extrovert Ideal: 3 Tips for Effective Hiring

Don’t Be Fooled by the Extrovert Ideal: 3 Tips for Effective Hiring Summary: The most successful companies are those that see the value in both introverts and extroverts and hire accordingly. Follow these 3 tips to achieve success in hiring. ... + read more

Workforce Management

Manage a Workforce Tactfully to Be Successful

One of the most notable trends being observed today is of four generations coexisting in one workplace. This makes it essent ... + read more


How Do You Determine What is Appropriate Attire for an Interview?

When you bring a person into your office for the first interview, how should that person be dressed? How should you be dressed? Traditionally, formal wear was ideal, but as offices become more casual, should interview standards change with the times? ... + read more


Balancing Competitive Executive Reward

Creating and balancing competitive executive reward is one of the trickiest feats. You can't do without it, and you find it difficult to justify - in fact it can affect your business capacity to recruit and retain, if you make even simple mistakes. T ... + read more

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How to Hire Interns Who Can Be Full Time Employees

The economy is a virtual playground filled with young entrepreneurs and technical wizards jumping into leadership and influential positions immediately after (even during) college. To compete in this intense recruiting market, employers are cultivati ... + read more

Shopping for Health Insurance: the Essential Features

Soon it may be a thing of the past, but currently, the stiff competition between health insurance companies results in millions of dollars spent on advertising by these companies. We were curious about what features tend to attract the most members t ... + read more

Choose Your Interview Questions Wisely to Select the Right Candidate

A rule of thumb that applies to all types of interview is that interviewers should speak no more than 20 per cent of the time, interviewees the rest. ... + read more

The Risks of Business Growth without Adequate Control

It is common to find people in business circles who believe all business growth is good and that businesses either grow or die. However, nothing can be further from the truth. ... + read more